About the Mollii Suit

The Mollii Suit is an exciting, assistive device that aids in the therapy and treatment of improving movement and muscle control in people with spasticity, movement disorders or abnormal muscle tone.  The Mollii suit has had great success with children and adults suffering neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke and traumatic brain injury.

What is Mollii Suit?

Mollii Suit is a 2-piece garment with a detachable control device which is programmed (based on every individual’s needs) to generate mild, low frequency electric stimulations. For more information on how the suit works, head to Professionals.

How does it help?

It can improve the speed, accuracy and fluidity of voluntary movement. In essence, it can help a person move more freely and with less effort. The suit has been successful treating clients with anxiety and depression, and chronic pain (such as arthritis-related pain), and has been trialled successfully with athletes in improving performance, injury management and recovery.

The Swedish-designed Mollii suit has been imported to Australia by Cessnock based company Métier Medical Ltd. Over the past 18 months in Australia and the past 7 years in Europe, the Mollii suit has changed lives and every day. We continue to learn more about just what Mollii, a whole body suit, using sub threshold TENS technology, can do.

How does it work?

The Mollii suit uses electrodes to stimulate movement and relax the muscles, and can be tailored to each person’s needs.  The suit comprises of a jacket and pants that contain 58 strategically placed electrodes connected by silver threads.  It comes with a control unit that is individually programmed to the specific needs of each client and which can be easily updated when required.

Each electrode sends electrical impulses to the central nervous system at the rate of 20Hz, which the brain can recognise when it is awake. The signal is undetectable to the user, although a few occasionally feel a slight tingling sensation.  With regular use, the wearer can increase their range of movements and do so with more comfort.  For example, by improving their muscle tone, the suit can help them gain more control over actions such as sitting, reaching, standing and walking.

Who can it help?

The Mollii suit was initially designed to help specific disorders but we have found it can help people of all ages and all conditions. Mollii is the perfect tool to be used alongside your therapy program or in line with your medical management team or for home use following an assessment with one of the Metier Allied Health team.

In Clinic / At Home?

Mollii Suit Therapy is available in the clinic setting under expert supervision at our Cessnock or Sunshine Coast clinics. The initial assessment and programming of the suit is done by a trained Mollii Therapist, who has a professional health background, and is based on every individual’s needs and goals. Mollii Suit can be purchased or hired after the initial session, at which point your home program will commence. All necessary support and information for your ongoing home Mollii Therapy will be provided by our team at one of our Mollii Clinics. Please note that if you are not located near a Mollii Clinic, our Mollii Therapists are frequently travelling and we may be able to book you into our mobile clinic. Please call or email Mollii Australia for more information on when a Mollii Therapist is next near you.


Mollii suit is used for one hour for 3-4 occasions per week.  For optimum results, Mollii should be used in conjunction with all Therapies. The residual effect of Mollii is different for all clients and may last from hours to weeks initially, but in conjunction with Therapy Mollii helps deliver permanent change.


Mollii is not to be used with electrical implants or medical devices that can be affected by magnets such as pacemakers and Baclofen pumps. Consult a doctor if history of cardiovascular diseases, cancer/malignancy, infectious diseases, fever, pregnancy, rashes or skin problems or if Mollii is intended for use with other medical devices or ongoing treatments.


Métier Medical is a Registered NDIS Provider, and the Mollii Suit is NDIS approved.

Everybody needs a Mollii.