Mollii Suit Testimonial written by Michelle & Glenn Carroll, parents of Chantel Carroll – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme Disease

My now 17 year old daughter, Chantel was introduced to the Mollii suit under the guidance of its design engineer, Dr. Jorgen Sandall, on the 26th September 2018. We personally knew of a number of people who had experienced much relief after using the Mollii suit. We decided it might be an ideal device for our beautiful young daughter to trial, hoping that the technology of the suit would give her some much needed relief from her ongoing battle with a multi-systemic viral and bacterial illness. An illness that had affected her body and mind so severely that it left her bedbound, unable to go to school, enjoy her friends or participate in her much loved ballet and other sports for the past two and half years at the time of the first trial.
Earlier, Chantel’s illness had previously baffled local doctors, and Medicare pathology testing gave no clear answers other than drug scripts for her multiple active Herpes infections, Prozac for her generalised and social anxiety disorder, counseling and exercise therapy were also prescribed. Later, as Chantel’s condition worsened and she was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (a severe form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), we were informed there was no cure, other than managing her myriad of symptoms that would leave her unable to think or function, and going into a seizure or having a ‘crash’ that lasted for weeks and/or months at a time.

We have only discovered in the last 12 months (after the Mollii trial), further pathology revealed that Chantel had positive anti-bodies to a Borrelia species tick bite bacterial infection, which she had suffered when she was nine years of age. Specialist doctors believe that this was the main trigger for her body going into totally shut down after she contracted glandular fever in 2016, whilst balancing the stresses of elite level ballet, school rep sport and studying at the time. We were repeatedly told, however, that there was no correlation to Chantel’s CFS/ME condition and the bacteria’s existence in Australia — there exists strong & repeated denial by our official medical bodies & the government so far, thus there is no Medicare funding for our daughter’s plight. However, it is widely acknowledged & treated as ‘Lyme disease’ in most other countries worldwide.
Lyme disease has been called ‘the great mimicker’ and can present itself initially in a variety of vague unrelated symptoms, ranging from flu-like symptoms, rashes, gastro-intestinal problems, random joint & muscle pains, as well as increasing anxiety & other mental health disorders. Long term, it can cause many neurologic disorders, autoimmune diseases, or diagnosed as the umbrella term of ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’. It is widely mismanaged by many doctors and can be sadly diagnosed as other conditions to the determent of so many sufferers in Australia and worldwide.

At our first trial with Jorgen, Chantel experienced immediate warm sensations rising from the back of her head; she reported that she felt very relaxed and dreamy throughout the session. We were informed that this could be the suit stimulating the body to release dopamine and other hormones/chemicals to help relax her oversensitive central nervous system. Normally, Chantel would experience a lot of body and head pain as part of her daily life with ME/CFS. As part of her condition, Chantel also suffers heart palpitations and increased blood pressure, especially when standing, and is known as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or (POTS). Her normal
resting heart rate of 90 monitored before treatment (even when on medication) it came back down to 77 after treatment and this HR stayed down for the rest of the day when we returned home. We were quite impressed with such immediate results and felt excited that the Mollii suit may greatly help our beautiful daughter in some way. Subsequently, we decided to give the suit a trial and Chantel used the suit at least four or five times a week for the next eight months. It greatly relieved her all-consuming body and head pain without having to resort to drugs to do the job and thus helped lessen the burden on her very sensitive multiple bodily symptoms.

Some of the other ways the Mollii suit has helped to support & stimulate Chantel’s body to recover include the following:

*Reduction of muscular/joint pain and most other symptoms whilst using suit and lasts for a few hours fully after each use before diminishing over the next 24 hours or until next use. She found the longer she used the suit, the longer the relief of all her symptoms was and could stretch out the use of the suit from every day to every 2nd or 3rd day, eventually.

* It helped to regulate and stimulate better bowel movements, improve digestion, and provide relief from her stomach pain, discomfort, and bloating. She also had better control over her bladder.

*Chantel’s regular head pain started to subside and the frequency and intensively of her head pain lessened with regular use.

*The Mollii suit helped Chantel’s lymphatic system move fluids around her body and assist in toxin drainage/elimination. This resulted in less fluid retention in her body from being bedridden for long periods of time.

*Chantel reported feeling ‘refreshed’ & more alert, less’ brain fog’ after each use right from the start of the trial.

* With long-term use of the Mollii suit, Chantel’s short sightedness improved, to where she no longer relied on prescription glasses as importantly as before the trial.

* In 2016, Chantel tore the tissue in her left hip whilst dancing Ballet, but due to the degradation in her health around that time, was unable to attend to the injury properly and was left to become a chronic problem as she became more fatigued and bedridden.

The hip injury caused Chantel so much agony, pain & discomfort that it also interfered with her sleep. However, through the usage of the Mollii suit, we discovered the suit’s assistance in the relief of the pain, promotion of healing and recovery of her chronic hip injury were noticeable. Today, she can now attend to strengthening her hip with the exercises prescribed by her physio, without the intense pain and discomfort that it once presented.

*Chantel’s quality of sleep improved greatly as an aside from the hip injury; the suit helped with her insomnia, and allows her to have a more ‘refreshed’ sleep upon wakening, when used regularly. Prior to the suit, Chantel suffered chronic insomnia, wakefulness, and non-refreshed sleep for the last 3 years. No medication, sleep app or anything else we had tried had previously made much difference.

*Another sleep disorder that the Mollii suit greatly improved for Chantel over the eight months of use was the sleep condition she suffered called ‘Non-24 hour sleep-wake Disorder’. This occurs when’ the body’s circadian rhythm goes haywire (due to the hormone imbalance the illness manifests) and the body keeps waking up later and later each day until their sleep periods go all the way around the clock. All attempts to regulate it into regular patterns made Chantel extremely agitated and sleep deprived.

*Chantel reports that she feels less anxious and very relaxed especially after each treatment, and over time this has improved.

*Importantly, Chantel found after repeated use of the Molli suit; that it greatly helped lessen the intensity and frequency of ‘Parasympathetic seizures’ which she had experienced on a sometimes weekly basis and was getting more frequent before the trial began. After eight months use of the Molli suit, the seizures were getting less severe and infrequent.

*In April 2019, we travelled over 27 hours round trip flights for holistic Lyme/viral infection treatments in Cyprus for over 6 weeks. The Molli suit played a critical role for Chantel; she wore the suit to help her sleep on the plane, prevent seizures from happening, and it also helped her cope with the uncomfortable conditions of flying for long periods of time. Once at our destination, she also used the Mollii suit each night for the first few weeks, to help with regulating her body to adjust to the new time zone and relief of her symptoms as she adjusted to her new treatment program.

*In summary, we believe that the Mollii suit was a valuable tool in helping Chantel’s body re-boot itself as a whole, allowing the body to heal itself naturally at its own pace. The fact that it was a drug free approach was of extreme benefit, in that the Mollii suit, we believe, allowed Chantel’s body to heal without over- stimulating her already over sensitised body systems.
As at August 2020, 16 months after the Mollii suit trial, Chantel is now 75-80% recovered from her illness with no more seizures to date, she is no longer bedridden, and enjoys greatly improved health. She is now looking forward to beginning her life again as a normal teenager. Chantel is also looking forward to the day when she can recommence her beloved ballet and hopefully in the near future, engage and contribute to society as the young vibrant adult she was always meant to be — thanks in part to the Mollii suit which helped her greatly when her health was at its worst.
We are very grateful and thankful to Dr. Jorgen Sandell, Grant Howells and his highly professional Team at Metiér Medical in Maitland, NSW, Australia for this life changing opportunity and hopefully our case study can offer insight on how Mollii can help others in a similar situation.

Kind Regards,
Michelle & Glenn Carroll

Additional recommended reports
Addressing doctors & specialists for – The Hunter Medical Institute Atypical Fatigue Postgraduate (accreditation) Conference held in November 2018
Excerpt from Michelle’s personal recommendation which was sent in an email dated November 6th 2018: To Dr Catherine Hollier; (Elder St Practice) Prof. Tim Roberts; (Newcastle University) Dr. Mark Donohoe; (Mosman Integrative Medicine). Michelle was a guest speaker at the conference in her role of as ‘Carer of a child with ME/CFS’.
‘I am writing to discuss an exciting new treatment technology for CFS/ME that has changed my daughter’s life and would love to share this with interested presenters & attending speakers on Saturday whilst the opportunity is available’…..
Results so far…‘briefly, in the last 3 weeks, Chantel has trialed the Mollii suit for 1 hour daily. During this process, the suit settles her pain significantly, (especially her neural pain). In the resulting weeks, we have noticed pronounced differences in her energy levels.
Before treatment her fatigue was at 0-2 scale (Bed-ridden to up to 0 – 2hrs out of bed- per Dr. Lerner’s EIPS scale) for the last 2 years.
After 3 weeks daily treatment with the suit, her energy is now a consistent 3-4 scale (2 to 4 hours/day out of bed) in only 3 weeks. We have had a couple of bad days in between where she has expending too much energy at once but she has bounced back a lot quicker than before treatment began. We are hoping to continue utilizing the suit for the next six months for longer term recovery benefits’.

A talented ballerina early 2016
Wearing Molli Suit during her illness 2018-2019
Chantel (17 yrs.) – Bushwalking at Barrington tops July 2020