Today has been an amazing day. My daughter was diagnosed with a Global Functional Disability very early in her life which left her in unknown territory. Through many trials and tribulations I have seen a miracle today.  I have been trying for many years to get my daughter to swim and it has proven very challenging and near impossible. Today she swam the width of the pool (10 metres) twice. She has never been able to get her arms out of the water BUT today she got one arm out as she did her version of free style.

Chloe will be turning 10 next week and I am very grateful for the MOLLII suit. In the last 3 months her reading and writing have improved at school, her speech is clearer and she is able to put more words together. Her coordination has improved, she can bounce a ball from left to right hand and we can play handball. We got her a basketball net and now we are shooting hoops- her arms go above her head. She is changing clothes many times a day (this is not good for a mother) and is becoming a real little girl, I know this because she now likes to look at herself and do fancy moves in front of the window to see herself. She is organising herself and is planning what she needs. The only negative thing I can say is she has an amazing memory and I can’t get away with anything anymore.

There is probably many more things that have changed with Chloe but what is important is that she is changing and it is for the better. All our children need a future and this simple suit, worn an hour a day can change a life. I thank the people involved in creating MOLLII and the people bringing it to the people.


Nancy Dent

Wallabadah, NSW